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  • Millennials in a hotel

    Research shows that the Millennial generation will soon constitute almost half of all hotel visitors. Who are they, what is...

    more 12/06/2017 15:44 Blog
  • Hotel lobby – How to use digital signage solutions...

    They say that the first impression is a decisive factor influencing the overall opinion about the hotel. One of the most representative places in a modern hotel is the...

    more 03/04/2017 14:07 Blog
  • How to make a pleasant stay for your hotel guest?

    At the stage of equipping the hotel, the owner usually considers only the basic needs. No wonder, as this is a pricey and lengthy project, therefore other ideas are...

    more 21/03/2017 14:13 Blog
  • Are you mobile?

    The world nowadays is more and more technologically advanced. Technological development has an impact on your business. Good location and appealing design of a hotel is...

    more 09/03/2017 13:32 Blog
  • Who will demanding travelers be?

    Amadeus’ latest report titled “Shaping the Future of Luxury Travel” examines trends in the luxury travel market development that will happen by 2025, helping...

    more 13/12/2016 12:17 Blog
  • A future that is happening now

    Virtual reality is a new platform which is gradually forming its own separate market. It is also yet another technological innovation that is successfully supporting...

    more 02/12/2016 10:19 Blog

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