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Guests of the Atlantis The Palm hotel in Dubai already use the innovative mobile application developed by Ailleron SA – iLumio Mobile Concierge.

20/07/2018 08:16 News



The Atlantis The Palm (ATP) hotel in Dubai is considered to be one of the most luxurious and modern hotel buildings in the world. This is evidenced not only by its location on the Palm Jumeirah artificial island, but also by its stylish interiors and elegantly furnished rooms. Those are located in two towers connected by a bridge with a beautiful view of the Persian Gulf and the Palm Island. Fabulous architecture combined with the omnipresent technology carry the guests over into the world of the mythical Atlantis.


Dynamic development of new technologies affects the functioning of multiple service industries, including the hotel industry. It is not only about marketing communication with customers any more, but, most of all, about building management and its availability. Extensive multimedia systems, which play a key role in the Atlantis The Palm hotel in Dubai, definitely increase the prestige of this place and have a positive impact on the guest experience. The iLumio Mobile Concierge application with over 50 functions has proven to be a useful tool during holidays, making it easier to take advantage of the available attractions and communicate with the staff, and the hotel itself saw a considerable increase in the sales of the available products and services. The application has been made available for smartphones with iOS and Android and it has already been used by over 15,000 guests. Thanks to it, customers of the ATP have the following abilities:


  • ordering meals from 23 available restaurants, including one created by the esteemed British chef – Gordon Ramsay;
  • talking to one of 40 available concierges via Live Chat or by phone;
  • taking advantage of housekeeping on demand, e.g. for the purpose of additional cleaning of the suite, ordering an iron or having a shirt ironed;
  • using the Wayfinder function – an advanced point-to-point navigation module with filtering options, e.g. avoiding external or most crowded routes;
  • taking a look at an event calendar updated on an ongoing basis and signing up for attractions organised by the hotel.


In addition to the mobile application of the Atlantis the Palm in Dubai, iLumio has also created a unique application – iLumio Kiosk with the Wayfinder module for touch screens located in public areas. iLumio is planning further projects for the near future, both for the ATP and other hotels in the Middle East region.



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