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Hotel lobby – How to use digital signage solutions effectively?

03/04/2017 14:07 Blog

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They say that the first impression is a decisive factor influencing the overall opinion about the hotel. One of the most representative places in a modern hotel is the lobby. Having a great idea for such an important place is crucial. The 24/7 availability makes the lobby a bustling place.


A traditional hotel hall plays the role of a place where you can quickly relax and one that offers information and communication. So why not use this place for creating a network of information? 


This is what the Digital Signage system is for every hotel. It is a network of information distributed thanks to screens placed in the lobby, restaurants, bars, outside and inside conference rooms as well as in hotel rooms. Digital signage is a form of the OOH advertising, out-of-home advertising which is currently developing rapidly. In this context we usually talk about screens that display information, advertisements and other news. The content which can be presented using the digital signage system is unlimited – welcoming guests, presenting information about the hotel, the restaurant menu, happy hours in the bar or showing the escape route.


There are two main media available on the market – LED and LCD. However, those who believe that the digital signage system is just about having screens displaying looped content in public areas might need to think again. These days, the DS media are getting more and more interactive (touchscreens) and visually-attractive which makes them incredibly effective.


Theoretically,the digital signage solution is very easy – we have a screen, an application or an IT system and a server. All of it allows the guests to be displayed all sorts of multimedia content – both informative and promotional. Apart from the information about the latest special offers we can find out about the weather for the next day, learn about the currency exchange rates or some local news. The DS media can make one compact screen or be divided into a few zones.


Currently the DS producers are offering all things necessary to create a professional digital signage campaign. We can choose between various types of screens. They may be relatively small – the size of a poster, and they may also be touchscreens. The most popular ones are LED and LCD. They may be equipped with movement sensors which display the content according to the place where a parson stops or according to what is happening in the display area. Servers which manage the media and store all presented content are fast and capacious enough to be able to present also difficult and demanding content.


The number of messages that an average customer is being flooded with these days is counted in thousands. This means, usually being totally unaware, we select the content acceppted by us. The rest we just ignore, concentrating on the ones that look more attractive to us. Getting a recipient’s attention is not easy thus if you really care about the DS media playing their part effectively, we need to opt for high quality interesting content. 


In mid 2013, Google Play organised a DS campaign at the airports in Australia. Using the QR codes, travellers were allowed to interact with screens displaying advertisements. The application allowed to browse the Google Play content displayed on the screen, on your own smartphone. When waiting for their flights, travellers could download films, games or music.


The example presented above focuses on the interaction with the user. It often requires the use of a smartfon, but it is not always essential. The thing is to make the DS medium a source of something interesting, meaningful or simply entertaining, with high-quality being a must.


If a hotel can implement a solution that will interest and keep the guest engaged for at least a couple of minutes, it is already a big achievement. This is, in a nutshell, an excellent recipe for success using digital signage. Obviously, there are many more rules regarding digital signage. A few of them have been discussed in  The power of Digital Signage in your hotel.



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