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How to make a pleasant stay for your hotel guest?

21/03/2017 14:13 Blog


At the stage of equipping the hotel, the owner usually considers only the basic needs. No wonder, as this is a pricey and lengthy project, therefore other ideas are usually skipped and pushed aside. However, it is important to remember that some extra furniture of accessories, which at first may seem unnecessary, in fact, increase the hotel’s reputation and its advantage over competitors.


Many elements make the hotel business success. One that can’t be skipped is the cleanliness and comfort of the rooms, delicious cusine, a well-run reception desk, but also good atmosphere. The Guest expects not only discretion and privacy, but also friendly atmosphere in the hotel. How to live up to Guests’ expectations? It only takes a few details to take care of…


A welcome set
The only thing we want after a long journey is a moment of rest. We need to refresh and relax before a conference of sightseeing. A set including a tray with a kettle, cups , tea and coffee is more than welcome. A few words with a warm welcome may be displayed on the hotel TV set.



Having a mini bar at their disposal, without the need to call room service, allows the Guest to enjoy some late evening refreshments or water. A small hotel fridge ensures freedom and comfort. What is more, the „out of stock” information will be sent using a mobile app.


Hotel TV

How else can we upgrade the comfort level? Hotel TV is the answer. Modern and up-to-date hotel TV systems are multimedia centres which help make money.  The technological advancement allows for more advanced and personalised services which influence a professional service and contact with the Guest thanks to the screen.  The Guest can control the TV using a tablet, by navigating the remote control in the TV app, they can use the current offers, order a service to their rooms, get information about the entertainment in the area or simply send a message to the reception desk. In order to provide an even better offer , make sure you create a variety of mood options. Then, with with just one click, the room will be adjusted to the Guests’ demands and will turn it into a professional cinema screen.


The implementation of interactive solutions creates a brand new source of extra income for the hotel.  Pay-per-view channels or films, services and advertising channels are just some basic sources of income. The improvement of hotel service, accounting automation (minibars, the Internet, movies, etc..) are other elements which make the stay more pleasant, make the staff work more effective, and as a result, streamline hotel costs.



After having a bath, everyone wants to indulge their body in a soft fluffy towel and their feet in comfortable slippers. Does not seem like much, yet if you leave your Guests clean, breathable slippers, they will almost feel like home.


A good reputation of a hotel must be ensured in a variety of ways. Make your hotel Guests’ stay more pleasant and you will quickly notice that they will be more eager to recommend your accommdation.


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Dawid Ślusarczyk General Manager

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