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The most modern hotel in Greece has been created together with iLumio

24/11/2017 11:52 Blog

kubic_blogThe Kubic Hotel in Athens has been created according to its owners’ vision of an intelligent, the most modern hotel in Greece. The hotel has been designed in such a way, so that all projects would be organised, realised and managed with the help of intelligent devices such as smartphones, tablets and TV sets with the iLumio system built-in.


This hotel has no reception desk and all formalities are done using iLumio Mobile Concierge. A hotel guest may book a room or check into the hotel from any place in the world. All it takes it to type in the appropriate data into the app. What is more, the guest receives no standard room key. Instead, the door may be opened using a special digital key available in the mobile app.


The app may be dowloaded free of charge from Google Play and App Store. It allows to book a room, check-in and check-out, order meals and hotel entertainment. In case of any malfunctions, they are reported using the smartphone. The guests are also kept up to date with their spendings.


Another facility in the hotel is an online chat with an employee available at all times. The app has the possibility to be developed in other languages. Currently, it is avaiable in Greel and English.


Every hotel room has been equipped with iLumio TV Web OS. The iLumio channel is the source of all TV channels which are delivered by the IPTV networks. Additionally, the TV screen displays information about entertainment and facilities available in the hotel. All events may be synchronised with an in-built calendar available on all mobile devices – a TV set, tablet or smartphone.


Additionally, the system of TV networks is compatible with local systems, which allows the guest to become familiar with all attractions available in the area. The in-built calendar allows for adding these events, too. This helps to manage the guest’s time in the best way possible.


Hotel rooms have been equipped with modern tablets with the iLumio Valet system which enables the guest to manage the space of the room and adjust it to the guest’s individual preferences. You may change the light intensity, set the optimal temperature, order a meal or set the alarm clock for any time.


Since the very beginning, our aim was to develop modern technologies which would change hotel standards. Co-creating a hotel based on the iLumio technology was a great challenge. However, such projects are most developing for us. We are glad that the implementation process has been very smooth and all our products have a major impact on both the hotel development and the guests’ comfort. – says Justyna Michalczyk, iLumio General Manager


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