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7 innovative solutions that will make your hotel stay easier

01/08/2016 14:00 Blog

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Our grandmothers used to portable heaters to take with them when they traveled so they could boil water. Our parents took thermoses and sandwiches. And how about us? What do we use in a hotel room?



Check-in, or do it yourself

Spent more time than you planned or wanted at the hotel reception, just to check in and obtain the key to your room? Not anymore! Forget about the traditional reception. Now, thanks to a mobile app, you can check yourself in. There are hotels that allow the guest to choose his or her room online, just like we are accustomed to doing when we book cinema or plane tickets.


Digital keys

A smartphone that opens all hotel doors? With the Digital Key application installed on your phone, you can open every room you have access to instead of using a traditional key or keycard. These include the door to your room, elevators, the fitness center, and even the garage. In a word, the hotel is yours.


Find your room

Receptionist nowhere to be found? Resort so huge you can’t find your room? All you need is your smartphone, because having the right application installed will allow you to find room or anything else you need quickly and easily. It will also remember your settings and personal hotel stay preferences, so when you go back to a hotel, you can find everything just as you like it.


Now, thanks to a mobile app, you can check yourself in.

Now, thanks to a mobile app, you can check yourself in.


Make yourself at home

Adjust the hotel room to meet your needs! Is a curling iron or hair straightener something you need every day? Or maybe you prefer a specific temperature or type of lighting? You can have it all. With the help of today’s intuitive applications you can manage the room automation and order any additional services or equipment you need. You can also press the “do not disturb” button so you can rest properly.


Keep in touch constantly

Abroad, but wanting to stay in touch with colleagues? Almost every hotel room strives to meet the needs of business clients – and so do mobile applications. Use them to share your screen or files and spend your time away from the office more effectively.


CONCIERGE – the special task assistant

On one hand, a concierge relieves the reception of some of its duties, and on the other, it deals with the implementation of more complex and time-consuming orders. A concierge will help you reach the hotel, order a taxi, indicate places of interest in the city, and even help you plan the day if you need. It’s always good to have one nearby, and the right application will allow you to chat or video chat with the concierge at any time.


Enjoy the rooms entertainment options

Tired after a long drive and don’t have the energy to go sightseeing? You can stay in your hotel room and still have some fun. Installing the right mobile application on your smartphone will allow you to enjoy the cinema in the comfort of your room by fully integrating with the automated room functions and the hotel’s television system. You will also be able to take advantage of the wide range of television and VOD options. Your children are sure to find something they love, too, as the hotel offers access to cartoons in any language. Fans of mobile gaming will also be happy to find they have access to the most popular Google Play games and applications. The gyroscopic remote control is also known for how fun and comfortable to use it is.


Many hotels understand the needs of modern guests and have already started to raise their technology standards. For example, at Mikołajki Resort & Spa, in the Polish sailing capital of Mazury, each room is equipped with an intelligent platform responsible for the digital guest service. There, guests have complete control over virtually every aspect of their stay, including the choice of a variety of rooms corresponding to their individual preferences. This solution is much more than just a replacement for the traditional information brochure – it is an intelligent means of communication and an excellent tool for service sales. The minimization of the amount of formalities guests need to deal with makes it much easier for them to notify staff about their needs, book a table at the restaurant or rent a bicycle or car. In addition, the hotel spa uses screens to inform guests about the various services and treatments they may not have previously been aware of.


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