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16/06/2016 14:29 Blog

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Can guest service be even easier and more modern, and therefore more personalized? Automation based on a new technology used in hotels claims it can.


There’s no denying that mobile technology is an integral part of reality. First, let’s take communication—we can contact anyone we want, regardless of time and place. We can send and receive important messages and share files important to us in just a few seconds, no matter where we are in the world. We can also cooperate with other people in real time without needing to be next to them physically. From a business point of view, mobile technology has changed the way we take care of various issues—for the better, of course. We also take advantage of everything technology has to offer in our everyday contact with friends and loved ones, whom we can video call. The availability of various mobile applications also allows us to share even trivial details such as where we are, what we’re doing and what we are planning.


The modern hotel room is like the modern human—it must keep up with the pace of life. Two of the interior elements that determine both a hotel room’s attractiveness and way the guest feels about are is its atmosphere and ease of use. A coherent aesthetic must be maintained, with all of the elements interacting smoothly with one another. Although a first impression is typically formed the moment the guest walks through the door, modern and personalized arrangements are sure to leave guests much more satisfied at the end of their stay. Let’s start with a personal greeting—this makes our guests feel special and welcome. Other room automation components, arranged according to a guest’s preferences, will give the room an air of familiarity, intimacy and comfort—“A man’s home is his castle”, as the old proverb says.


Digital Guest Service-type solutions allow self-service automation. Just one command is enough to change the room into a private cinema perfectly for watching television, or a romantic place for dinner for two, with the selected dishes being delivered to the door. The optimal temperature is different for every individual and depends on many factors—the time of year, age, lifestyle, and more. For this reason, being able to control the temperature in the room is extremely important for the guests’ comfort. Clients arriving at our hotel from another time zone’s priority is a chance to sleep off the time difference, and with a single interface, they can manage the shutters and light intensity in the room. They can also post “do not disturb”, so that nobody disturbs their slumber, as well as set a wake-up call without having to involve Guest Service staff.


How else can we facilitate access to the room automation to make it even more comfortable? The answer is the hotel tablet as a multifunctional device. The mobile application installed on it fully integrates it with both the automated room functions and the hotel’s television system. The guest can control the TV using the tablet and take advantage of available offers, order room service, get information about attractions planned in the area, talk with staff online or send a message to the reception desk. To improve our offer further, let’s create a range of atmosphere options—then, one click will be enough to adapt the room to the guest’s mood and requirements.


The automation system also learns the guest’s preferences. It’s enough for a guest to have once stayed in a hotel with the right system for his next room to be perfectly prepared for his arrival—the right language on the TV and tablet, the appropriate room temperature, a wake-up call or a welcome drink.


Today there is no doubt that mobility is one of the primary determinants of modernity. Accustomed to mobile communication, we expect it in other aspects of daily life as well. The decision to implement innovative solutions to handle the guest hotel is therefore a natural one. Will the guests appreciate it? They certainly will, because these solutions correspond to their real and increasingly modern needs. The guests at PURO Hotels have been learning the answer to this question for over a year, as they’ve been using the iLumio system, which is available both on TV and multimedia tablet at the chain’s hotels. Our hope is to make sure users of all hotel facilities benefit from this newest dimension of service.


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Piotr Kapica Sales Consultant

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