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Innovative technologies in 2018

20/02/2018 13:18 Blog



Digital keys, smart rooms and chatbots – all these things indicate that virtual reality is going to settle down in hotels permanently. Is the hotel industry ready for digital transformation?


Owners of hotel facilities are perfectly aware of the fact that pursuit of technological

innovations is not a seasonal trend, but the tendency that has been already implementing

dramatic changes in the entire hotel industry. In order to keep previous customers’ loyalty

and win new ones it is important to open hotels for new, technologically advanced

inspirations occurring together with high demands of guests.


Nowadays, tourists are becoming increasingly aware about the use of virtual reality and the

benefits resulting from usage of mobile devices. We can see changes in many facilities, not

only leisure ones, as information folders have been replaced with tablets and room doors are

opened by means of the smartphone application.


Such solutions are already available in innovative Puro hotels located in 4 Polish cities,

namely in Kraków, Poznań, Wrocław and Gdańsk. Comfort of guests in these exceptional

facilities is enhanced by means of the iLumio system that is responsible for innovative

management over all hotel operations. The system makes the process of check-out faster

and facilitates the use of customized room automatics as customers are able to control their

surroundings with reference to, inter alia, lighting and room temperature adjustment.

Recent years have resulted in unusual improvements in the hotel industry; however, as

trends are changing, it is worth paying attention to continuously developing technologies

designed to meet the most challenging demands of guests.


Mobile payments

Currently, electronic services are a necessary element facilitating human day-to- day

routines. Non-cash transactions are so popular because they are simple, fast and safe.


Smart room

Intelligent solutions installed in rooms enable, inter alia, setting a correct temperature,

turning the heating off when guests are out, and remote lighting control.


Artificial intelligence

In the following years robots, known only from SF movies until now, are going to become a

standard in the tourism industry. They will be responsible not only for checking guests in, but

also for giving information on services related to entertainment and room service.



Fast and positive communication is not only a key to build friendly relations, but also one of

the factors having an impact on guest satisfaction. While involving hotel service virtual

assistants, the most innovative solutions are going to answer the most frequently asked

questions of guests. Such an application is going to improve an image greatly.


Check the details about implementation of the iLumio system for innovative Puro hotel



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Dawid Ślusarczyk General Manager

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