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09/03/2017 13:32 Blog

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The world nowadays is more and more technologically advanced. Technological development has an impact on your business. Good location and appealing design of a hotel is important but is it really enough to build a differential of your facility? Being number one on the market is a constant execution of a strategy which permits to be noticed immediately. What is this strategy like?


“Step into your guest’s shoes”, look through his eyes, think like him, touch with his fingers… Not only during his staying at your hotel but since the moment such an idea of the journey was conceived. It is about an eye-to-eye contact  with your customer which means getting to know the guests and look at the trip the way they would do. What do they want, what does frustrate them, what are their doubts? Where to begin? It is worth giving the touch point of the guest with our place in order to meet her expectations during all staying.


How do your guests use internet? Will you find them on tourism social media or is it better to search for them on various websites? Are your potential guests into Instagram, facebook or they do not use social media at all? Are they prone to read an article about what’s on in your neighborhood or will they watch a video about a possibility to spend their time doing what they really love at your facility? It is a precious knowledge which, when applied properly, brings excellent results. We have to keep in mind that your guest’s journey begins with the idea about it.


The guest interested in your offer will definitely check if you have a web page. The process of booking online is the most common way of purchasing the hotel service. However, it does not have to be exactly like that!


Practically each guest who shows up at your hotel has a smartphone in his pocket, your staff uses it as well. It is exciting to think what kind of technological opportunities it may bring. They use technology and mobile apps on a daily basis. It has been confirmed by the authors of the report “Digital, Social & Mobile in 2016”: they state that within last 12 months there has been a noticeable increase of internet users (also thanks to smartphones) – we are talking here about millions of people!
What does the mobile application give?
We use the application practically for everything, especially when we buy a flight or a train ticket, or when we call a cab (like Uber), when we want to lose weight and exercise, when we chat with our friends.
Why do we like the apps so much? Because:

1. we get what we want faster, easier and cheaper,
2. we always have our phone at hand,
3. we can’t imagine our life without this item.


There are already hotels that permits you to book a room through such apps. As well as it can be used for purchasing a flying ticket or checking in online at the airport. The plane is undoubtedly the fastest  way of travelling: especially when we compare the time of the flight itself to the time spent in the car. However, when we start to add up the minutes we stand in a line for checking in and the waiting time for getting a luggage, flying is not the fastest way of travelling any more. Transport companies decided to meet their clients’ expectations. You can also improve your reservation system as well as the sales of your hotel service. Waiting endlessly in the hotel lobby might be replaced by a few clicks with a mouse.


Just imagine that your guest has a long trip ahead – a reminder about a possibility to check-in at night (specially designed for guests going to your place on Friday morning) and a reminder about an early check-in (for the guests who start to travel on Saturday early morning) can win you a client.


You’re not in the social media? You don’t exist…


Do you know that installing social media widget, Facebook for instance, on your hotel’s web page enables your potential guests to receive a neutral feedback or make possible for them to post an opinion? Unfortunately a lot of people in the hotel business are afraid of receiving low votes and evaluations. Good news is that sometimes negative feedback may play in your favor. It builds an authenticity and a dialogue with your guest. Not convinced yet?


What if we say that 95% of possible customers who look for a purchase online suspect that opinions are censored when there is no negative comment on a hotel’s profile? There are your clients among those who think in this way. Moreover, more than 60% of TripAdvisor users reckon that an owner’s reliable and justified answer to a negative post encourage potential guests to make a reservation much more than if there would be no reply at all.


Guests simply demand from the hotel business a highly professional customer service available online and in social media, they look for the content and opinions about the places and react positively to well-designed ads. They even contribute to the advertising process on the internet since they love to share unforgettable moments with their friends. So they share pictures, they paste links with some interesting info about the region, they “like it”, tag places they spend time at. Briefly, they promote your place. And that’s the way!


After the trip


The staying of your guest is about to end, he comes back home. It is a good idea to remind him about a good time he spent at your facility. After a certain time we can restart the whole advertising process and so inspire our guest to repeat the trip. Now it will work even better because we know his preferences – we have an info about his previous staying. The mobile app registered and got all the information and automatically processed them. That is the clue of the tool – it tracks your guest’s needs and his activities on the app, then applies a solution which suits him best.



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Piotr Kapica Sales Consultant

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