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Concierge – from the Middle Ages to the present day

09/02/2015 18:02 Blog



The history of the concierge profession dates back to the Middle Ages. The word “concierge” comes from the French “comte des cierges” which describes the person responsible for keeping candles lit in the rooms of castles and palaces. This person not only held the keys to the property but also had knowledge of all the events taking place on the premises.


The role of the concierge changed several times over the years. The evolution of the profession is best presented by Jean Girault in the 1973 film “Le Concierge”. The main character, a very talented French university graduate, is looking for a job worthy of his talents. After several months of fruitless searching, he becomes a caretaker in one of the traditional Parisian buildings. He is quickly starting to get bored of his responsibilities, so by making use of his wits and skill, he takes care of the most urgent and complex matters of the residents, gaining their trust and gratitude. He soon becomes a respectable person which the tenants could not imagine their life without.


Currently, concierges can be found in high-end hotels. They cover a wide range of the guest’s wishes from providing tourist information, organizing flowers and champagne, to obtaining tickets to concerts, even if they are already sold out. This occupation continues to evolve along with the ongoing technological development. The increasing digitization continues to involve more and more areas of our lives. The universality of electronic communication causes the provided hotel services to be transferred to the virtual world. An up-to-date solution of the hotels is the Video Concierge – an application that allows to conveniently contact the concierge by video, audio, or chat. Thanks to this solution, the concierge is available 24/7 and is always available for the guest, both at the hotel and outside. Fast, easy, and interactive contact significantly increases customer satisfaction. Which wishes of the users of Video Concierge can be fulfilled? Comprehensive tour planning, restaurant reservations, ordering sophisticated dishes delivered to the hotel’s beach, searching for interesting events taking place in the area, purchasing tickets, making appointments – and more.


How does the solution benefit hotel owners? Increased customer satisfaction, as well as saving time and money related to their staff (one concierge can handle several hotels). From the Middle Ages to the present. Video Concierge allows you to enter into the next stage of evolution of the long-lived, traditional profession. The current range of concierge services available to hotel guests allows for a much wider range of comfort while ensuring hotel owners with full service of the modern technological society.


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