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Inevitable changes in hotel technologies influencing market dynamics

23/10/2017 09:02 Blog

blog_1For the sixth time in a row, the Travel & Tourism sector has exceeded the world economy with its dynamics, showing flexibility and attractiveness. Despite economic and political challenges, we still feel the urge to travel and discover new places.


A recent survey by WTTC shows that the involvement of Tourism into world GDP has, for the sixth time in a row, increased up to 10,2% of world GDP (USD 7,6 billion). This sector is currently employing 29 million people which makes 1 out of 10 workplaces in the world. The perspectives of the tourism sector are still growing strong in 2017, making it the leader of creating new workplaces. The prognosis regarding tourism in the next 10 years look very promising with the expected increase by 3,9% annually*.


Inevitable changes


Such dynamic growth of the tourism sector is not only linked to the increase in population and wealth. First of all, it is fuelled by modern technologies which facilitate the process of journey-planning, comparing prices, searching for interesting places as well as booking tickets and accommodation. Online services together with mobile apps shorten the distance between the guest and the hotel or the airline in a significant way. They allow for saving time, money and give you the best choice guarantee.


The preference and type of traveling are changing. We travel a lot more often but our trips are shorter, sometimes being just weekend trips. We use the services of travel agencies less and less often, preferring to plan our trips on our own and to buy services directly from the provider. This takes place most often with the use of our smartphone, so that the whole process, including the payment, could be carried out using one application. Hardly anyone prints their flight tickets these days. When flying frequently, e-boarding passes are the best option.


Guests expect reliable apps for booking the best-priced accommodation from the hotels. They also hope the hotel could save their time and facilitate the planning of their stay for example by booking in advance some services like SPA treatments, meals or free-time activities.


More and more often hotel guests expect to find there facilities similar to the ones that can be found in modern houses, like controlling the light, temperature, blinds or the TV set using their mobiles. Many of these people also look for designer interiors and the latest technology. Every guest wants to feel special in the hotel, therefore they expect fully personalized services.


Hilton, the hotel chain famous for introducing technological innovations has just informed about the latest project which will enable for personalizing the hotel room by the guest before their arrival, all thanks to a mobile app.


How does it work? After booking the accommodation, yet before arriving at the hotel, the guest will be able to check-in a chosen room, get a mobile key and „program” the room according to their individual needs, like the light, room temperature, type of pillows, type of the welcome drink. All of these features will be set by the guest himself by the mobile app **.


Too much choice


It all sounds very exciting for the guest, however, the number of solutions that modern hoteliers use is very large and still growing. Servicing so many new technologies can be really challenging. Systems such as a website with a booking system, channel manager, revenue manager, PMS, BMS, a mobile app, public areas touchscreens with dedicated apps, interactive TV systems, phone switchboards or hotel WI-FI are usually provided by various providers and base on different technologies. Until recently, the main problem has been synchronizing all of these systems so that their service would be easy and effective, and so that the hotel staff wouldn’t have to be trained in using another new software.


One way for IT management in the hotel


iLumio meets the needs of both hoteliers and their guests. The areas for iLumio implementation include managing customer satisfaction before their arrival, during their stay and after checking out. For this purpose, tools such as a mobile app, smart digital signage, hotel TV system, CMS systems or integrated apps for controlling the room using a tablet, are used. Following the IT development, a modern Cloud platform with hotel management software will be launched. Cloud PMS will have modules such as a channel manager, booking engine or a mobile key. The biggest asset of this solution will be its integrity. The hotel will get one system which will be used for managing all areas of hotel activity including offer sales, marketing, reception desk management, guest satisfaction management, in-room and public space entertainment. One state-of-the-art system for filling in and updating the content, giving you the possibility of dynamic managing (rosters, marketing automation). There will be numerous benefits, from easy training for new staff, increased data security to more flexibility and ease of use. Consequently, such integrated and complex solutions will let hoteliers focus on what is most important in this industry, that is building relations with their guests.


iLumio globally available


iLumio is currently used in over 15,000 hotel rooms globally, from Europe to the Middle East and the Indian Ocean Islands. The most luxurious hotel chains which pay utmost attention to the top services and guest service such as LUX* Resorts and Hotels in Mauritius (14 hotels located on the Indian Ocean) , Kerzner Group, the owner of Atlantis the Palm Hotel in Dubai or the largest and most luxurious Croatian hotel chain, Valamar (40 hotels) all use iLumio systems for supporting their work. Not only international hotel chains decide to use the iLumio solutions, but also local, smaller chains and individual facilities. The biggest chain using the iLumio solutions may serve 50,000 guests at the same time, yet the smallest hotel fitted with solutions provided by Ailleron has 19 rooms.


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