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When tradition goes hand in hand with modernity

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The most innovative hotels can surprise their guests with remarkable solutions. Today we prefer to receive information via smartphones and tablets than in the traditional form, as these devices are really our information banks and help us perform a large variety of tasks and manage our time. This is why the application of modern technology is essential in order to properly adapt to guests’ requirements, which allows them more flexibility and independence in the hotel.


There are already hotels that are well-managed without having a traditional reception thanks to the use of advanced technology. As it turns out, the concept of self-service at a hotel is both sufficiently extravagant and economically reasonable. The PURO Hotel in Wrocław is a dream come true for those seeking accommodation in a beautiful setting at a reasonable price. Guests arriving in the hotel lobby will find computers they can then use to log into the hotel’s system. Payment can be made, hassle-free, using a credit card.


Increasing competition and growing expectations make hotels want to keep pace with the dynamic changes and variety of new services being offered without losing their “(smiley) human face”. No wonder they want to provide their guests with individually decorated rooms, a high level of comfort, innovative guides in the form of multimedia communication channels, or the support of a virtual concierge. Much of the work being done is focused on innovative solutions, often invisible to the “naked eye”—that is, ones that do not require the involvement of additional people, such as mobile payments or online access to stay and payment history, which are being offered by more and more hotels.


Each hotel has its own distinct offer


Assuming only newly built hotels can implement such modern solutions is a mistake. A hotel which has, up until now, only used the traditional guest service model, can successfully compete for the modern traveler’s business after implementing a few simple solutions. The traditional hosting of guests, combined with innovation, make for a harmonious duet and a great response to the needs of the market.


The Torch Doha

The tallest hotel in Qatar is 300 meters high, and the view from the last floor of the hotel provides guests and visitors with an unforgettable experience. The hotel has fifty-one floors of rooms and suites, each of which is equipped with an iPad. This iPad allows guests to contact the hotel staff, as well as adjust the lighting system to their mood, giving them the opportunity to choose from a palette of twelve colors.



The Marriott hotel chain uses a mobile application that encompasses more than 3,500 hotels and resorts in more than 78 countries. It allows you to quickly find accommodation, regardless of your location, and make a reservation at any facility of the 19 brands belonging to the network. The only limitations are local laws, i.e. in Armenia, France, Italy, Kazakhstan, Poland and Russia, where the application allows you to check in, but the check-in must be confirmed at the reception (the service is not available in Japan and Venezuela).


1000 Seattle Hotel

1000 Seattle Hotel in the USA is the ideal place for those who are extremely busy and just want to pay quickly using the tablet available in the room—the hotel meets the needs of such guests at the highest level. In addition, rooms are equipped with a modern infrared sensor system that detects guests’ body temperatures and lets room service know whether the guests are in their rooms or not.


Hotel Arłamów

This sport-holiday resort provides digital entertainment and interactive TVs in the rooms (access to multimedia, mobile applications and games). Soon guests will also be able to use the mobile application, which will accompany them at every stage of their stay. Upon arrival, guests will skip the line at the reception, as they will have already checked in using the application, and receive digital keys to their rooms. The calendar and reminders will help them plan participation in events, as well as book sports equipment to take full advantage of the many sports on offer. After an exhausting day, the hotel’s SPA is sure to provide relaxation, and each of the SPA treatments available can be ordered online or via the application. Each purchase will be added to the bill, which guests can check and pay using their smartphones.



Every modern technology enthusiast will find something to love about this colorful hotel. Amenities include, among others, TVs with access to HDMI musicLamp, which allows you to listen to music via Bluetooth, charge a cell phone or make a call. Do you have an iPhone? You can install the hotel application free of charge, register, and select one of the Prizeotel group hotes and stay dates to make a booking. When you register, you will be asked if you want to use your smartphone as your room key. “Yes” means that the phone is registered as a digital key (you can also add a second device). The application will be available to Android users soon as well.



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