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Millennials in a hotel

12/06/2017 15:44 Blog



Research shows that the Millennial generation will soon constitute almost half of all hotel visitors. Who are they, what is important to them and how best to communicate with them? Let’s see.


Millennial difficult to define?

Generation Y, the “flip flop and iPod” generation, or Millennials are people born between 1980 and around 1995. Usually, they are well-educated and aware of their needs and expectations regarding products or services. They have been raised with the feeling of uniqueness and infinite possibilities that the world and the job market can give. Most of them are well-off, moving smoothly in the world of technology and the world in general, thanks to their excellent knowledge of foreign languages.


Millennial on the go

Millennials are a generation of seekers. Excellent Internet and language skills make them great at research and comparing prices and goods. They often change mobile phone operators or service providers. When planning their trip, Millennials visit 10 various sources about a place, from Internet pages, social media profiles and discussion groups to Google Street View. What is important is that more and more often they access these websites solely on their mobile phones.

Millennials also often share their feedback on places they have visited, actively using services such as TripAdvisor or 75% of them declare using travel apps.

According to research, almost half of the Millennials who travel share their experience while travelling, and 30% of them do so after the journey. They are, therefore, a perfect medium for sharing information about hotels among potential customers. Hence, it is worth paying attention to their concerns and opinions. How to do it? Here are some tips


Tip 1: Personalise the message

Representatives of Generation Y have been brought up in the spirit of individualism – they appreciate personalised messages and services. Millennials are usually loyal to a brand they simply like!

Make sure your communication is personalised. Use social media for this – they can tell you quite a lot about your client – what they like, how they spend their free time, what interests they have. We target the messages to a well-defined target audience to give the customer the feeling that we want to tailor our services to their needs.


Tip 2: Sell an idea not a product

The Y generation is addicted to emotions and collecting memories. So present your hotel as an element of the journey, not a goal in itself. Do not sell accommodation, but encourage a Millennial to travel in general. Offer suggestions for active leisure and unusual on the spot entertainment. Keep up the good quality by providing interesting content in daily communications that will make Millennials interested and convince them to do more.


Tip 3: Ensure access to technology

Most of the Generation Y was brought up in the age of the Internet and multiscreening. They actively use technology and stay in constant communication, so they expect technological resources also from the place where they are. For example they want the ability to control hotel services via the phone and access to VOD TV.


Tip 4: Pay attention to surroundings and entertainment

As the MMGY Global survey shows, Millennials increasingly travel alone. In 2013, a lone trip was planned by 29%. and in 2015 by 37% of the respondents. However, they do not want to spend their evenings alone in hotel rooms, and they seek company among new acquaintances. Customise your hotel to their needs by creating a chill zone, expanding the hotel’s common area, where a lone Millennial can relax surrounded by new acquaintances.


Tip 5: Slow life, hygiene, ecology

Generation Y is ecologically and nutritionally conscious. What does this mean? They  choose carefully products and brands, because of their respect for nature. Nurture the hotel’s ecology and communicate that fact. Remember also about the menu which should be adjusted to the expectations of guests who are increasingly becoming vegetarian.



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Dawid Ślusarczyk General Manager

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