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Hotel Arłamów

The Arlamów Hotel is a 4-star complex in the Bieszczady mountains, perfect for organizing conferences, doing sports and enjoying nature. The building  posseses a state-of-the-art SPA & Wellness area.


This versatile and comprehensive facility needed an innovative and efficient system to for digital guest service to better accomodate its guests’ preferences.

The Arłamów Hotel uses two iLumio products:

  • iLumio TV, which provides digital entertainment and interactive TV in the rooms (TV, games, multimedia)
  • iLumio Mobile Concierge, which is responsible for the full hotel channel communication— from the guest’s arrival to check out.


To implement iLumio, a single, comprehensive, centrally managed system for the exchange of information with the guest was created. It is available on the hotel’s mobile devices and TV as well as guests’ mobile devices. iLumio TV has been integrated with the hotel’s Micros Fidelio PMS system to automatically charge guests for the reservation of services and help exchange information about their stay. iLumio Mobile Concierge was also integrated with the hotel reservation management system in the SPA.

Our solution accompanies guests at all times:

  • Welcoming guests—the main TV screen in the room
  • Digital and internet TV (including paid channel packages)
  • Electronic TV guide
  • An application containing the current weather forecast
  • Access channels: YouTube, TuneIn internet radio
  • Access to  games available on Google Play (i.e .: Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja)
  • Constantly updated information about attractions, offers, services and hotel promotions
  • Booking services
  • Online conversations with the Concierge
  • Constant access to the bill
  • Marketing campaigns—personalized message available


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