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This modern hotel chain has 4 locations—in Kraków, Poznań, Wrocław and Gdańsk, offering almost 800 rooms. PURO is elegant modernity, simplicity combined with refinement. Comfort during stays is also provided by the iLumio system, which is responsible for modern and effective management of guests as well as the entire hotel.

The iLumio system has been integrated into the internal hotel systems:

  • Protel PMS—automatically charges guests for the reservation of services and helps exchange information on their stay
  • BMS based on WAGO and iQControls—allows guests to full control the room automation, i.e.: temperature, lighting, window blinds
  • CMS—access to data on the hotel offer (information, services)
  • Haefele Dialock hotel locks—provides the Digital Key function
  • Ariane self-check-in point—allows guests to quickly check-in (bypass the queues at reception)

The iLumio application is implemented on mobile devices (tablets) located in the rooms and public areas. The mobile application has been tailored to the needs of clients in accordance with the guidelines of PURO’s UI specialists, taking into account the recommendations of great UX specialists and graphic designers from Ailleron (providing the iLumio system)


The iLumio system enables guests to benefit from:

  • Room automation—fully control the environment, i.e. the lighting and temperature in the room
  • Alarm clock function, available on both the TV and tablet
  • Connection with mobile concierge or other numbers using VoIP technology
  • Internet access
  • Viewing and ordering of items from the hotel offer (restaurants)
  • Live TV, even on mobile devices
  • “Do Not Disturb” signs or requests to clean the room
  • Quick check-out


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