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University Children’s Hospital in Kraków

The Children’s University Hospital in Kraków is an important center for medical research and education. It covers all pediatric and surgical specialties, thanks to which it provides extremely comprehensive treatment. The facility also serves a wide spectrum of diagnostic and rehabilitation purposes. It has over 500 beds located in 27 wards.

The goal of implementing the iLumio system was to provide children with the best entertainment available, so they would not be bored during their stay. That’s why the key elements were access to television, games and the internet. In order to ensure that all patients receive the best treatment conditions, the system allows, among others, live video transmission of events taking place in the hospital auditorium, so even children in isolation units could take part in them.

Thanks to iLumio system the hospital guarantees patients:

i Lumio TV:

  • Free access to a wide list of TV channels
  • Access to free internet
  • Access to VOD, including a dedicated cartoon application
  • A wide range of internet games and applications
  • Video chat with a nurse
  • Live video transmissions from the hospital chapel
  • Live video transmissions from the lecture hall

iLumio Digital Signage:

  • Management of content available on the screens located in the hospital
  • Access to current information about the hospital and shifts
  • Current weather

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