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The power of Digital Signage in your hotel

09/02/2016 18:03 Blog



Hoteliers on the whole world wonder how to make their objects more familiar. Building relationship and communication with guest is a key tactic to meet this goal, as guests must first get know about the services and facilities offered before they can enjoy them. One of the canal of communication in the smart hotel is Digital Signage technology that allows sending relevant messages to audience via digital equipment (LCDs, plasma screens etc.). It makes perfect sense for hotels!


Why is that? Some facts & figures

Digital Signage can inform, entertain and perform services for guests. In the same time it raises the prestige of the hotel, makes the work of your personnel and hotel management easier and helps to build a modern, professional, friendly image of the object. How do we know that it works?

  • Hoteliers are choosing Digital Signage due its flexibility and high impact on the guests. 63% of people report that it catches their attention.*
  • Digital Signage solves the problem of unpredictable waiting times and long queues.Hotel systemreduces perceived waiting times at reception by as much as 35%.*

What is more, solution is very simple to use. The key is to know what kind of information you may show to your guests. You can find some propositions below.


Check what you can communicate

  • Tell your guests how to get to important areas of your hotel (to the restaurant, lounge, bar, fitness room, swimming pool etc.)
  • Inform visitors about the offer: hotel day, the opening hours of restaurants and major facilities such as a fitness center, souvenir shops, a spa and conference facilities.
  • Give an answers to the most frequently asked questions: prices of additional services, hotel policy concerning the admission of animals, etc.
  • Display special messages for groups during events and conferences: personalized greeting messages, schedules, organizational information.
  • Give your guests some interesting facts about region, town/city or venue.
  • Inform about events in the city. Interactive display could be used by guests to make dinner reservations, or to reserve tickets for a nearby movie theater or choose among attractions and learn about show times, operating hours, and admissions.
  • Show bus and train schedules or even real-time flight information that can be filtered by time and airline. Some of these systems allow guests to print boarding passes, which can be a great convenience
  • You can show some health-related information on screens near the fitness-room to get interest of your guests.
  • Similarly, you can display interesting culinary aspects from your region on screens around the dining area.
  • Display real-time local and national news and weather to keep guests up-to-date


How to get the best of Digital Signage?

Don’t forget to create creative digital content to display. It may be graphics, photograph, text, video, animation.




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