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Why do hotel managers invest in modern technologies?

09/03/2018 13:57 Blog

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Ability to plan marketing strategies, optimisation of processes and reduction of costs are not the only advantages of use of mobile applications for hotel managers. Find out how technology-related improvements can result in savings in your hotel!


It can be safely said that the hotel industry has been undergoing a true revolution over the last few years. Hotels already meet high requirements when it comes to interior design, but this is definitely not enough. What is clearly visible is the trend to look not only for the opportunities of further cost reduction, but primarily the trend to adapt to the constantly changing needs of travellers. Hotel managers investing in modern technologies are aware of this, and the said technologies bring them a number of advantages where the most important one is customer satisfaction.


Beautiful interiors combined with innovative technologies are the hallmark of LUX* Resorts & Hotels luxurious hotel chains. What makes this modern place unique are, among other things, the ability to book rooms online, mobile check-in/check-out and live chat with the staff. This extraordinary convenience does not only serve to meet the requirements of hotel guests, but, most of all, it provides advantages to hotel owners. Self-check-in and check-out of customers will allow the staff to take care of other activities related to the personalised expectations of travellers during this time.  


Other smart solutions installed in the rooms include but are not limited to setting of appropriate temperature, turning off of heating and air conditioning when customers are away as well as remote lighting control. Such amenities definitely affect the cost-effectiveness, since they make it possible to reduce considerably the costs of building maintenance.


Above all, mobile applications are to serve hotel guests who more and more often find important not only the accommodation, but also amenities during their stay. However, let us not forget that they are also a great help for the staff, hotel team members and management. It is the case because they have access to many functions which report and monitor how the application is used by the customers as well as to extensive marketing tools thanks to which one can inform guest about promotions and sale of additional hotel services.


Feel free to check out the case study which shows the wide range of options and features of iLumio.


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Dawid Ślusarczyk General Manager

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