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Smell of coffee will wake you up in your hotel room

10/02/2015 18:01 Blog



What is the best wake-up call in the morning in your hotel room? It is no longer a voice of receptionist from earphone, isn’t it?  


New technologies are changing our habits and affect our lifestyle including the way of starting each new day. Guests at Aloft Hotel will be able to program the time in the morning they’d like their in-room coffee to start brewing. Being woken up by smell of coffee. Doesn’t it sound nice? That is not all! Smell of the coffee can be mixed with nice music. The hotel’s guests will be able to program own playlist so the sound can be heard in all space of the room. Similarly, they will be able to set the light effects they want in their room at any time of the day.


One of the example is gradient light simulating sunrise. In the effect even on cloudy day, sunbeams can wake you up! Today’s travelers are used to such upgrades. They are familiar with technological improvements and like to have options when they travel. They are also more open to experiences. Besides, there are more and more consumers who are surrounded by technology at home. That is why they also expect to find the same conveniences when they check into a hotel. And nothing reminds us more of a home than smell of morning coffee!


Where else can you find such facilities? Check out hotel PURO in Kraków, where room automation can be controlled in a modern way by guests.


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Dawid Ślusarczyk General Manager

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