Discover iLumio Video Concierge

Make your guest happy with Video Concierge


Allow your guests to stay in touch with iLumio Video Concierge anytime, thanks to the innovative app utilizing GPT-40 technology. With just one tap on your phone, you can engage in real-time video conversations with an iLumio concierge. Your guests will be delighted!

Steve Jobs once said how wonderful it is to have 1000 songs in your pocket. Imagine always having your concierge with 1000 ideas by your side.

Video Concierge makes the impossible possible

Make your guests’ stay more comfortable and get profits with Video Concierge services

Save on costs and time
one virtual concierge for several hotels
Full guestinformation recognition, preferences or stay details
Revenue challenger
increase bookings and hotel sales
Mobile App
easy integration with hotel’s mobile app

How to get Video Concierge?

You may have it seamlessly integrated
with your hotel’s mobile app.

  1. Video Concierge App
    installation on hotel’s server
  2. Cloud
    connection to initiate the service
  3. Mobile App
    available for your guests to download from
    the App Store or Google Play

Let the technology
work for you

Effective, secure and easy to implement.

  1. HQ video connectivity
    instalation on hotel’s server
  2. Encryption
    bank security level
  3. Systems integration
    such as, CMS, PMS, CRM
  4. Authentication
    voice biometrics as an option
  5. All devices
    mobile, web and TV easy use

Better and more precise services.

Diverse range of services that meet clients’ needs.
  1. Event search and ticket purchase
  2. Transportation
  3. Business referral services
  4. Restaurant recommendations
  5. Dry cleaning pickup/delivery
  6. Grocery shopping
  7. Pet services
  8. Elderly care
  9. Customized house-sitting
  10. Travel and vacations
  11. Meetings and event planning

There is nothing a good Video Concierge can't do.

Digitization of hotel services is a necessity. Satisfy your guests and make their stay easier.

  1. Quick and easy access to Video Concierge.
  2. Fully interactive video/audio/text chat.
  3. Travel assistance and connections outside the hotel.
  4. Works on TV, integrates with the TV system (iLumio).
  5. 24/7 availability from guests’ mobile devices.
  6. Guest satisfaction and increased loyalty.

Real-time collaboration.

Need a quick route or help with filling out documents? The Video Concierge is at your service with just one click.

Files sharing

such as e-tickets or coupons


on different files


routes from Google maps

Integrate Video Concierge app with iLumio

the best-in-class digital guest service

Make your guests’ stay enjoyable, from the moment of booking until check-out. iLumio is an application available on mobile devices as well as on the room’s TV and serves as a multimedia entertainment, communication, and information centre for your guests. The system is intuitive – it learns your guests’ preferences allowing you to create personalized communication for them. The iLumio is the easiest way to enhance the customer experience and also save on operating costs. Simply put, it provides even more functionality and increases the comfort of your guests’ stay.

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