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The iLumio service is comprehensive – system integrates with leading TV brands (Samsung and LG), and it’s implementable in just a few simple steps. Schedule a free call today to find out how to provide hotel guests with an unparalleled experience, and make more profits.

iLumio TV is a digital multimedia entertainment center for hotel guests. This solution is completely capable of establishing contact with the guest at every stage of his stay. Thanks to reliable IPTV technology, the system allows the creation and sharing of new services, which increases guests comfort.

The system operates on selected LG and Samsung TV models and does not require additional external devices. The source of the channels can be either from an IPTV network (IP infrastructure required in each room) and standard headend (DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-S, analog) which provides the channels via a coaxial cable. Multimedia content and remote system management is possible by connecting the TV to an IP or Wi-Fi network. iLumio offers also screen sharing from devices with Android and iOS.

Hotel TV helps build long-term relationships with the client, even after his stay at the hotel. This is because the system remembers users’ settings and preferences, allowing the offer to be personalized, providing the client with information about products and services that really interest him.

Benefits for guests:

  • Simple communication
    Hotel and local information pages, current weather.
  • Digital image quality
    iLumio technology guarantees the highest image quality.
  • System integration
    The service provides automatic interface language selection and allows hotel bill viewing.
  • Access to channels from every source
    The system supports both IPTV channels and channels from coaxial cable from any headend (DVB-T, DVB-S, DVB-C, analog).
  • Effective marketing 
    Effective marketing thanks to the iLumio system.
  • Set of games and applications
    It also serves as a multimedia center and entertainment for the hotel guests.
  • Screen casting
    Guests can cast content directly from their Mobile device to the TV screen (Miracast and music streaming via Bluetooth).
  • System monitoring
    The application tracks the activity of the guest and allows them to fully control the system.

Welcome your guest!

  • Welcome screen
    A main screen that displays  a welcome message with the guest’s name.
  • Settings
    Remote configuration of the channel list and the main menu.

More than just a TV

  • Live TV
    TV channels from every possible source (IP network and coaxial cable).
  • IP Streaming
    Images from the hotel’s IP cameras and other IP sources.
  • Integration with PMS
    The synchronization of iLumio with PMS (e.g. Micros Fidelio/Opera) allows the customization of the interface language to the guest’s preferences and to preview the bill.

Network access

  • Web browser
    Access to the full web browser.
  • TV applications
    A set of applications and games.
  • Your own content on the TV screen
    The ability to share your content from mobile devices to the TV.

Full information about the hotel

  • Info center
    A handy information center about your hotel and services. Encourage your guests to discover services they had no idea about.

Always up-to-date information about the area

  • A guide for the surrounding area
    Useful tourist information and a guide to interesting local events and hotel attractions.

Marketing communication

  • Marketing campaigns
    The marketing automation module sends and displays messages on the television screens.
  • Notifications
    The system allows for the sending of informational messages to individuals or groups.

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