How to increase operational efficiency by integrating hotel systems? [cooperation of iLumio and Hub OS]

Hotels face constant challenges in terms of business profitability. That is related to the hotel revenue, occupancy, and even geopolitical situation, or the dramatically rising energy costs. The beneficial solution for such problems may be the skillful use of technological systems allowing for automation of the facility and an increase in sales interactions. Over the years, hotel technology has evolved and is key to ensuring guests a pleasant and carefree stay.

Do you want to learn how to improve operational processes, be successful regardless of changing conditions, and ensure the best possible guest experience? Stay with us – this article is about that! Let’s dive into the subject through the lens of the currently available hotel technology and the latest iLumio integration with Hub OS.

The future is a digital hotel technology

Technology is taking over more and more areas of modern life. It also plays a role in the hospitality industry. The expectations of users in this category are growing day by day. According to a study by the HRS hotel booking portal, more people expect innovative technologies in hotels. Already 34% of guests in Poland would prefer to use light, air conditioning, and TV via a smartphone or tablet. Hotels that implement solutions based on digital technology can reduce costs while increasing profits, service, and contact with guests.

Hotel tech solutions have a direct impact on relieving the hotel staff’s workload. When thinking about implementing technology in a hotel, it is crucial to consider the complete guest cycle of stay, from the booking process to check out.

Solutions available for hoteliers

Today guest requires a faster and friendlier service to manage reservations, preferences and offers. Until some time ago, this was a big challenge for hotels, as the world of hospitality remained mostly analog. However, the last few years have shown that the hospitality industry is starting to implement digital technologies that affect operational processes and staff efficiency. There is a range of hotel management and automation tools. The four most popular are listed below.

  • Guest service systems allow for check-in and check-out without the participation of reception staff (mobile application, kiosk with check-in/out function).
  • Systems for managing services and staff work, thanks to connection and communication between hotel departments (Hub Cycle system).
  • Hotel room systems for multimedia and digital entertainment (hotel TV, smart room tablet).
  • Payment solutions connected to hotel systems – quick payment orders, connecting several cards, or automatic settlements.

There are many more opportunities for development and increasing the quality of services thanks to hotel technologies. It can be the security system that operates modern CCTV monitoring with alarm and anti-burglary systems. And even virtual reality, which will allow the user to 3D walk through the entire object and choose the room with the best view.

Hotels that decide to implement digital technologies are friendly to modern guests who prefer a minimized amount of interaction. After the COVID-19 pandemic, people got used to ordering services without contact. Therefore, modern hotels should keep up with those expectations by creating a safe and friendly space for a new wave of users. New technological solutions implementation is not only a strategic step from a business view but also building brand recognition and a way to mark out the offer among rivals.

Integration with Hub OS

Hub OS is an automated and flexible hotel operations platform with connected and integrated solutions from Housekeeping, Maintenance, F&B, Guest Experience, Energy management, to Contactless communication with Guests with their Guest in Touch module, and chain operations management. iLumio and Hub OS integration is based on managing functions used by the guest via a room tablet. The functionality selected by the guest automatically creates an annotation in the system for the employee with specific information about the type of request. Thanks to this solution, employees can easily and quickly manage current tasks in the venue.

Together we can achieve more

Ultimately, if we want to accelerate innovation in the hotel industry, we need to take a two-pronged approach: reaching a wider audience and working together with like-minded companies. Both ways are an essential part of what it takes to innovate, and both will help make better progress. These approaches allow companies to build together something that complements. Thanks to the new integration with Hub OS, we can reach a larger scale – both companies are working with hundreds of hotels around the world.